Battered Man

Stop IPC 498a Misuse

Thursday, September 22, 2005

This is in response to support of IPC 498a by some sections of our society by sending a few stories where Indian women is being tortured and dowry being demanded.

Yes the stories you sent are real. Those people should be booked by law and sent to jail. I truly despise those kind of wrong doings and we should work on removing dowry from our society which is a menace. We should eradicate men torturing women from our society. I am true supporter of this and will help you in this regard as much as I can. Please take my word for it.

Please help understand my point of view here now
1. I think IPC 498a is totally gender biased law. It gives wives and her family who have gone haywire license to abuse the law and have her husband and her in-laws sent to jail without any investigation with a non bailable warrant. In current modern India when we are talking about gender equality why do we have such barbaric laws which blatantly favors one gender. I agree this was meant for rural India in the 1980s when the bill for this law was passed. In those times it was hard for illiterate women to produce proof and I may have supported this law at that time. But times have changed now and we are talking about advance and developed India. Today in Delhi, Mumbai and in urban India where people know about this legal loophole, this law is more misused for ulterior motives of wife and her parents and for true purposes. I dont want 498a to be eradicated I want the husband and families should get arrested only after proper investigation. We should not have such laws reflective of agrarian and third world country.
2. If the law is musused then the wife and her family should be booked and sent to Jail. Show me another country where it is so easy to file a false FIR and put all the in laws family in jail and get away with it. This is ridiculous. I demand that 498a should exist but if misused then there should be stronger punishment for people who misuse it. This will set an example for all the people who misuse this law. Filing a false 498a is as easy as ordering pizza and bang all the in laws in Jail no questions asked. I demand non bailable. non compoundable and cognizable aspect of this law should be amended.

You must be wondering who I am? I had arranged marriage with my wife in India. She is suffering from mental disorder and they hide this from us before marriage. She used to hit me and torture me here in USA. She even used to push and hit my mother who came to USA to visit us. She got arrested here in USA and spend a night in Jail and got convicted in US courts for domestic violence in public (I will send you her police report and court papers if you are interested). After I filed for Divorce here her mother went to India and file false 498a against me and my parents. We didnt take single paisa as dowry. This is not just my story but thousands of others (there are more false 498a cases being filed than true). Please go through some of the links Vina Raj sent they will show you other true stories. If you want more true stories let me know I will send you many more links and send you a document with hundreds of real stories similar as mine. Please help me amend this unjustified and ailing law which is being misused more and more in todays modern India.

I believe you all will give neutral thoughts to my above demands and let me know what you think.

Please post your comments.